How to Promote Proxy site ?

Tue, Mar 3, 2009


Most people don’t create proxies just to be nice. For the majority of individuals, profit is the most important motive. This is for good reason. People can’t eat air, it requires money to survive. With that being understood, you will learn some really great tips concerning how to promote proxies. There are various ways to promote your proxy. Some methods involve traditional marketing methods, while others are more proxy specific.

Submitting to web directories is one way to gain back links and visitors. If you can find proxy-specific directories, this is even better. You will also want to get your website on proxy listings. Some of my favorite sites are, Sweet Proxies and Proxies Today are all great sites to get listed on. They should bring you visitors and get you some back links.

Adding a link to your forum signature is another good way to get some extra, free traffic. You should also, always optimize your proxy site. This means properly adding meta tags, descriptions and writing copy that includes relative keywords. Don’t forget about social networking sites. There are bound to be many people who are interested in using proxies and/or are looking for new ones. This is because some proxies get blocked by various websites. These are few great tips on how to promote proxies.

Summary of ways to promote your web proxy :

Proxy Lists – which is one of the best way of getting free traffic to your proxies

Forum signatures – putting your proxy in your signature link will bring you some good traffic, and it will give you good amount of traffic if its related to teens

Link/banner Ads on related sites – of course a good way of traffic to your proxies but always go for sites which are niche related like proxy sites, entertainment sites like arcade and others which is teen related

Social networking sites – a good way of getting quality traffic, nowadays its mostly used by webmasters

Google Adwords or other such PPC networks – I’ve never tried this as its abit time consuming and will require some money which I really hate to pay when I can get something for free

Web or proxy directories – something free which will give you traffic and a quality backlink as well

Article directories – I’ve done article submissions for my other sites which is a good way of getting traffic and backlink but never tried for proxies, but I think it will give some traffic

Yahoo and google groups – the best and my favorite way of getting traffic, as nowadays everyone subscribes for proxy newsletters so submitting your proxies will give a huge amount of traffic to your proxies.

So those are some of my ways for getting traffic to my proxies which I like, I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading it.

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