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How to Make A Proxy Site?

30. December 2008


If you are interested in how to make a proxy site, keep reading. We will discuss some of the easiest and cheapest way to do so. You have two primary choices. You can create a proxy site yourself or you can outsource the duties to someone else. The decision will most likely be dependent upon […]

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How to Unlock Myspace

29. December 2008


The World Wide Web has been a tool not only for research, but also for connecting people all over the world. Nowadays, e-mails are a bit old. The more modern form of communication is through messenger applications (e.g. Yahoo Messenger) and of course the “In” thing today would be websites such as Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, […]

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What is Anonymous Surfing?

26. December 2008


Anonymous browsing is simply browsing the World Wide Web with most of your identity hidden. This is primarily done through what is known as an anonymous browser based proxy. These are the websites that you can use to input the address of the web page that you wish to visit, and the service will take […]

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Why Use A Proxy?

24. December 2008


One of the legitimate uses of a proxy site is to get around blocked content that may contain one or two words that the filter has identified as inappropriate for viewing. Many companies make use of filters to limit the ability of employees to spend time looking at web pages that are not related to […]

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What is a Proxy?

23. December 2008


A proxy is a web page that provides Internet users with the ability to browse web sites that may be blocked by a content filter, such as WebSense or SmartFilter. By making use of the proxy as the portal to the blocked site, it is possible to circumvent the work of whatever content filter is […]

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9. December 2008

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