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Mon, Dec 29, 2008

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The World Wide Web has been a tool not only for research, but also for connecting people all over the world. Nowadays, e-mails are a bit old. The more modern form of communication is through messenger applications (e.g. Yahoo Messenger) and of course the “In” thing today would be websites such as Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and many more. What these websites do is to allow web pages or profile pages for every member so that friends, family, colleagues, etc. can be connected.

For most people, MySpace is the most popular social networking site where a lot of people can get to know a person better with the blogs created, the profile descriptions, etc. People of all ages, from the students up to the elderly have MySpace accounts and they do enjoy visiting and updating their pages from time to time. As a result, schools, offices and even some homes have blocked MySpace because of they think that this website will be a distraction to students, and workers, and may even be a way for the PC to acquire viruses from the file sharing feature that is one of the many features of the site. MySpace also contains sexual material that parents need to protect their kids from and will also be a definite distraction to people at work who would just choose to unlock the site instead of focusing on work.

Due to MySpace being blocked, a number of techie people have come up with ways to still have access to unlock MySpace and have shared it with people who love MySpace. People can now easily access MySpace through bypassing a firewall, and also through the more famous method of using a proxy site. You can use these proxies:

A proxy site is just a mirror of a website so you can check out a certain website without actually going into the real website. Meaning, you don’t need to type the URL: into the browser. Instead, you can type the proxy site URL into the browser, and once you are in that proxy site, you have to type the URL of the web site you want to visit in the field provided, and then you are in! You will find yourself able to see the MySpace contents without actually being inside MySpace. However, do not share your newly found proxy site to everyone because the school server or work server would be able to detect the proxy site if a lot of people are using it. Hence, the proxy site will be blocked as well.

Users of these proxy sites should know though that there are risks in these methods. For one, if you get caught by the IT department of your workplace, or school, you will often get suspended from the network. Another thing to remember is that some of the proxy sites will have access to your information and may use it in negative ways. The safest way to access MySpace is still in your own home, at the right place, and at the right time.

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    i want to add some proxies and

  2. Ilyas Says:

    Nice proxies you have Ahmet.

  3. proxlabs Says:

    Accessing locked sites within your local network is surely against the organizational policies and not recommended. However there are times you need a way to get through. That’s when these proxies and other unlocking techniques come handy.

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