How to Make A Proxy Site?

Tue, Dec 30, 2008


If you are interested in how to make a proxy site, keep reading. We will discuss some of the easiest and cheapest way to do so. You have two primary choices. You can create a proxy site yourself or you can outsource the duties to someone else. The decision will most likely be dependent upon how comfortable you feel dealing with websites, servers, uploading, scripts and all things technical. If you are not, it is probably a good idea to pay some one to install the script. This will save you both time and stress. You can visit many forums and get this done pretty affordably.

Another option is to create the proxy yourself. You can do this with a proxy builder or software. Proxy software is available in PHP and CGI. You can find types of both of these proxy scripts for free online. You can also purchase such scripts which comes with advanced features, support and more..

A proxy maker is a good option because they are easy to use. You simply will be required to fill in a form that includes your websites title, what type of script you want to use (PHP or CGI), a description, background color, content color, border color and text font. You then receive a zip file that you upload. It is very simple to learn how to make a proxy site if you are interested, if you are not, just pay someone a nominal fee to create and/or upload one for you.

So in short, to create a proxy site, you will require :

  1. Domain name – Godaddy or namecheap is best
  2. Webhosting account – that allows proxy site hosting.
  3. Proxy script – free/paid
  4. Designing the site – Lots of ready made free templates available on net OR get a custom theme for more professional/unique look.

In next article, I will explain different proxy scripts, their advantages and disadvantages.

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