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Fri, Jan 2, 2009

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Previously we talked about the method to create a proxy site without much discussing about a proxy script. So here is the tutorial regarding proxy scripts alone.

Now first of all I will explain you What is a Script ? – Scripts are readymade file packages made for creating a website. There is no need to create different webpages and edit them. Such scripts help you manage your site with a backend which only administrator or website owner sees. You can control your website from a backend admin panel. You just need to download the script, upload on your host, visit the install page, follow the onscreen instructions and you get a website within seconds. :eek: This is how scripts work. If you have a cpanel hosting with fantastico feature, there is no need to upload scripts on your host, just with few clicks you can create a website. E.g. of various scripts are WordPress, phpads, joomla etc.

There are plenty of proxy scripts available like PHProxy, CGIProxy, Zelune, Glype, but the two most popular proxy software on the Internet are PHPoxy and CGIProxy.


PHProxy offers a lot more customizability and offers a lot more than CGIProxy but the anonymity is not as good.

Here are the available options whilst using PHProxy:

  • Includes a mini URL-form on every HTML page
  • Remove client-side scripting (i.e. JavaScript)
  • Accept HTTP cookies
  • Show images
  • Show referring website in HTTP headers
  • Use rotate13 encoding on the URL
  • Use base64 encoding on the URL
  • Strip meta HTML tags
  • Strip Website title
  • Store cookies for this session only
  • Open URL in a new window

Some PHProxy instances may have been customized after the installation; these are just the default options. This is most probably all that one would need but by editing some of these abilities (e.g. enabling Client-Side Scripting), you will reduce anonymity and your original IP address will be viewable.

I will be giving review of all other proxy scripts in the coming articles, so be sure to check them out.

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