Zelune Proxy Script

Mon, Jan 12, 2009


Zelune is a Free Proxy Script, much like PHProxy and CGI-Proxy. Zelune aims of setting global stands for all the web proxies. It is also a free to use proxy site script which will allow your site users to hide their identity, safely and securely, while browsing any site. Similar to other proxies, it also helps to bypass firewalls set up on a school or work network. Zelune uses cURL, which is faster than what PHProxy and CGI-Proxy use – and I have heard, Zelune is the world’s fastest proxy script, but its not as there is the new script out named Glype which is faster, don’t worry about it I will give a review of that as well in the next post.

They are also light to webhost server resources and bandwidth use. You can check various free templates and demo on their homepage, and here as well, as I’m going to release some free templates of all proxy scripts available soon these days. They are also working on for lots of improvements and new plugins, admin controls, adsense features etc. – all free for members

Demo and Download: Click here

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